Boom Box: Mick Collins of the Dirtbombs

Mick Collins, guitarist and singer for Detroit's Dirtbombs, is something of an archivist. His band has recorded covers of songs by artists as different as Stevie Wonder, Flipper, Thin Lizzy's Phyl Lynott, and the Sparks. The Dirtbombs turned Pilot Light into a pop-music revival meeting back in September; they're back less than a month later opening for TV on the Radio. Here's what Collins has been listening to in the meantime.

Various artists, Treasure Isle Ska: Ska After Ska After Ska (Heartbeat)

Original ska from Jamaica in the '60s. I love that stuff. Back in the day I was a Mod, so I listened to a lot of Jamaican ska. This is a fabulous record.

Funkadelic, Let's Take It to the Stage (Westbound, 1975)

Another classic record. I've been missing that record, so I couldn't wait when I got a digital copy. I love "Better by the Pound." This is one of my favorite records.

Twilight Singers, Blackberry Belle (One Little Indian, 2003)

I love it. I don't really have much to say about it. I love it. It's an album I've been playing all year. I didn't realize until last week that it came out five years ago, when my girlfriend told me. At least one of us reads the liner notes.

Snoop Doggy Dogg, Doggystyle (Death Row/Interscope, 1993)

I hadn't heard this whole thing since it came out, and last week I rediscovered it.