Boom Box: Matt Stillwell

Matt Stillwell comes from Sylva, N.C., and he injects his brash Nashville country with raucous good-ol'-country-boy twang. He'll be showing off his new single "Shine" when he plays Patrick Sullivan's this weekend. Here's what he's been listening to lately.

Eric Church, "These Boots" from Sinners Like Me (Capitol, 2006)

The Eric Church album has a song I really dig, "These Boots." It's my theme song. If I were John Travolta, this song would be my "Stayin' Alive."

Mindy Smith, "Come to Jesus" from One Moment More (Vanguard, 2004)

I can't stop listening to her voice. I relate to the subject matter of that song because it talks about everyday struggles.

Johnny Cash, "God's Gonna Strike You Down" from American V: A Hundred Highways (American Recordings/Lost Highway, 2006)

It does not get any more real then Johnny singing about that.

Sarah Johns, "Baby My Heart" from Big Love in a Small Town (BNA, 2007)

She is as country as corn bread!

Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder, "Coal Mining Man" from Ancient Tones (Skaggs Family, 1999)

A cool, haunting bluegrass tune.