Boom Box: Jodie Manross

Singer/songwriter Jodie Manross left Knoxville for New York a few years ago, but she comes back often to perform. She's in town this month to record a new album, Myth of Solid Ground, with her musical partner Laith Keilany, and will stop by the WDVX studio for a Blue Plate Special. Here's a list of music she's been listening to.

Brett Dennen, So Much More (Dualtone, 2006)

Brett is a new, exciting singer/songwriter with such an original, timeless voice—full of honesty and inspiration for me. He has made me be braver about writing about world issues and activism in my songs.

Talking Heads, Stop Making Sense (Sire, 1984)

I never tire of this classic. I stood in line at the movies with David Byrne recently and was too nervous to talk to him! I'm such a geek! I just saw his art installation, called Playing the Building, where he has made a South Ferry warehouse a musical instrument by hooking an organ up to different parts of the building to create sound—stunning and genius!

Joni Mitchell, Blue (Reprise, 1971) and For the Roses (Asylum, 1972)

I just got back from visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. The most exciting part for me was seeing Joni's handwritten lyrics. Seeing the birth of her songs on paper gave me chills.

Various artists, Singles soundtrack (Epic, 1992)

I saw Pearl Jam play Madison Square Garden in June and got all nostalgic. What can I say—somedays, you gotta listen to some Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, and Screaming Trees.