Boom Box: James Trimble of the Dirty Guv'nahs

It's been five years since the Dirty Guv'nahs played their first show, a hectic and thrown-together performance in the Old City. The gritty hometown rockers—and three-time Metro Pulse readers' poll winners as the best local band—are celebrating their anniversary by headlining two shows at the Bijou Theatre this weekend. As the Guv'nahs gear up for a summer tour, lead singer James Trimble fills us in on what he's been listening to lately.

Rod Stewart

The Rock Album (Laserlight, 1998)

This album is a non-stop tour de force of Hot Rod's finest. It includes my favorite duet of all time, which is "Let Me Be Your Car," with Elton John. Also, the version of "Cut Across Shorty" on this disc includes some dog barking at the end that repeatedly makes my day.

My Morning Jacket

It Still Moves (ATO, 2003)

Jim James is one of my top three favorite performers of all time. I love hearing him emotionally howl through "Steam Engine," and equally love to see him strap on a flying V and rage across a version of "Run Thru."


Being There (Reprise, 1996)

While I love all of Wilco's records, this is far and away my favorite. The jubilant "I Got You (At the End of the Century)" might be my favorite song of theirs, ever. Wilco at the Tennessee Theatre in 2006 is still fresh in my mind as one of my top 10 concerts of all time.

Fitz and the Tantrums

Pickin' Up the Pieces (Dangerbird, 2010)

This record just makes me so dang happy. You should definitely check it out online.

The V-Roys

Just Add Ice (E-Squared, 1996)

There have been a lot of great albums to come out of Knoxville, but this is a record that the Guv'nahs always come back to on most long road trips. The fact that we tour around in Scott Miller's old Mule takes our admiration and respect of this great album to a whole new level. Viva Knoxville.