Boom Box: Elizabeth Wright of the Dirty Knees

All-girl punk outfit the Dirty Knees (Elizabeth Wright, Maggie Brannon, Laura Rogers) have garnered a rambunctious reputation by hammering their way into the ears of Knoxvillians for years—and they don't appear to be toning it down any time soon. Shrugging off girly stereotypes, the trio has been unapologetically transforming venues around Knoxville into modern-day CBGBs. Wright fills us in on what she's been listening to lately.

WKCS The Falcon

I listen to Fulton High's radio station in the car all the time. I love the concept of a high-school radio station, I love the sometimes-awkwardness of the DJs, and I love that kids who were born in the '90s are exposed to music they might not hear otherwise. The playlist is totally random and they play lots of great soul and '60s stuff. Although I always seem to hear "My Baby Takes the Morning Train" on my way to work.

Ghostface Killah

Apollo Kids (Def Jam, 2010)

I love Ghostface, and listen to Ironman a lot, too, but since this came out, it's playing pretty consistently in my house. Maybe I'll get sick of it soon. He's a superstar. Yeah.


PENS is three girls from the U.K. who appear to have a pretty makeshift set-up, which I entirely relate to, and they play awesome, ridiculous, lo-fi rock songs. I wanna see them at the Pilot Light. I wanna play with them at the Pilot Light.

Broken Bells

Broken Bells (Sony, 2010)

This sounds absolutely nothing like T. Rex, but fits the same mental niche for me in that it's beloved and versatile to many moods. It's a project of Danger Mouse, who I appreciate, and James Mercer from the Shins, and it's pro chillin'—a Dirty Knees-defined state of being that does not reflect our music.

Missy Elliot

The Cookbook (Atlantic, 2005)

If you've been to my house after 11 p.m. lately, you've danced to this album. "We Run This" is my jam for life. Any hustlas in the party, y'all? Hell, yeah.