Boom Box: Davis Mitchell of Dishwater Blonde

Knoxville funk/pop/R&B powerhouse Dishwater Blonde got back from a short tour with the like-minded St. Louis band the Fundamental Elements just in time for a set at WDVX's Blue Plate Special earlier this week and a show at Barley's this weekend. Lead singer and guitarist Davis Mitchell takes a few minutes to let us in on what he's been listening to recently.

Newworldson, Salvation Station (Inpop, 2008)

They're a band from Canada, sort of a soul/gospel act.

Funkadelic, Maggot Brain (Westbound, 1971)

That's an older album, from the early '70s. George Clinton's the most famous member of Parliament and Funkadelic, but they also had Eddie Hazel. It's just some old funky stuff. There's one on there called "Hit It and Quit It" that I play on repeat.

Kiss, Alive! (Casablanca, 1975)

I was a big Kiss fan when I was younger. I just got back into this record. There's so many records out here now, sometimes you just say to yourself, "I want to listen to some Kiss."

Amy Winehouse, Back to Black (Universal Republic, 2006)

I like the production on that album. I like the lyrics, too. They're honest and probably a little raw at times. She's got a lot of talent, if she could ever channel it. She gets more hype for her drug problems than for her music, though I guess she won a couple of Grammys this year.