Boom Box: 4Matiks

Local DJ 4Matiks, aka Forrest Kurth, spins an electronic blend of hip-hop and club music. His energetic manipulations of obscure samples, dance-floor favorites (Daft Punk), and collaborations with local artists (Black Atticus) have earned him a weekly Saturday night slot at Latitude 35. On Friday night, he'll take part in WUTK's Exam Jam fund-raiser at the Cider House. Here's what he's been listening to lately.


Mosaik (Monkeytown Records, 2011)

This is one of my favorite producers of all time. Siriusmo is a German composer who combines house and electro beats with classical and fusion jazz elements. It is music for musicians and can be hard on some ears, but he always finds a way to surprise and inspire me, and for that I have to give him the utmost credit. Mosaik is a dynamic album that has soft, dreamlike tracks like "Signal" and then hits you with postpunk tracks like "Peeved." I always keep my eye on this producer and I can't wait for his next installment.


Wobble Factor (Tippermusic, 2008)

With all the dubstep that is circulating these days, I always try to turn people on to Tipper. He is a U.K. producer who has been experimenting with sound modulation since 1997. His sound is commonly called "electronic trip-hop" or "glitch-hop." I call it original. Wobble Factor is a bass-driven, funky roller-coaster ride that leaves you coming back for more. If there is one album you need to test your car speakers with, this might be the one.

Wolfgang Gartner

"Fire Power" (Kindergarten, 2009)

Unfortunately, I am still waiting on an LP from this guy, but I have to give him credit. Out of all the electro house coming out these days, Wolfgang is by far my favorite. His singles and remixes are abundant, but "Fire Power" was the song that won me over. He has a very aggressive style that commands the dance floor. When I saw him live, I was blown away by his ability to keep the crowd moving. Dancers be warned!


Outside the Box (Tempa, 2010)

Skream is notorious in the dubstep world, but this album shows that he is capable of doing more then expected. Outside the Box is a dreamlike journey that incorporates down-tempo, trance, and lounge. While it does have its more typical dubstep tracks, it's the melodic numbers that really stand out. "Where You Should Be" is currently one of the songs that always finds a way in to my DJ set, and for good reason—it has a sensual feel to it that brings a soulfulness to dubstep fans.


Moderat (BPitch Control, 2009)

Anybody who knows me knows that I am huge Modeselektor fan. Moderat is a Berlin side project featuring electronic duo Modeselektor and the ever so ambiently talented Apparat. This album is a mixture of trance-induced soundscapes with crushing bass lines and beats. It has a soundtrack quality, and I find myself listening to this album when I feel like chilling out. If you enjoy this album I strongly recommend you checking out each artists' solo careers.