Arve Henriksen Like Magic Moments and Storytelling on His Playlist

Just months after his wife, Anna Maria Friman, performed here with Trio Mediaeval, composer and trumpeter Arve Henriksen will be taking the stage at the Bijou. Henriksen's latest, Cartography, combines restrained improv with live sampling and spoken word. Satchmo wouldn't recognize it. But he'd dig the hell out of it. Here's what Henriksen has been grooving to.

Nils Økland, Monograph (ECM, 2009)

Magical moments from a musician full of respect for the traditional folk music, and at the same time Økland adds new elements to the tradition and sends the music into the future.

Nils Petter Molvær, Hamada (Sula Records/Universal Music Norway, 2009)

The storyteller who never stops searching for places where no one has ever been. Solitude and in the next moment he takes us to the ultimate hardcore soundscape, insisting and encouraging us to make a stand.

Jon Hassell, Last night the moon came dropping its clothes in the street (ECM, 2009)

The father of modern soundscape-making brings us deeper into the music with his personal touch and montage-like record. The way he breathes life to the stories here is so inspiring.

John Potter, Ambrose Field: Being Dufay (ECM Records)

A unique combination between two musicians from two different "worlds" creating a very special record with an extreme timeline between old and new.