Aaron and Ryan Baggaley of Brown Shoe Like Rihanna

California quartet Brown Shoe practice a smooth, elegant brand of indie rock—think Modest Mouse and My Morning Jacket—on their third album, Jackalope. They're dropping into town for a show at Preservation Pub; here's what they were listening to in the van on the way.

Kevin Drew, Broken Social Scene Presents: Spirit If... (Arts & Crafts, 2007)

Aaron: Of the Broken Social Scene solo albums, it's the most true to the other Broken Social Scene albums. What I like about them, and why I can listen to this one in the van without getting sick of it, is that there are so many layers to it. Every time, I think I'm hearing something different.

Bon Iver, Blood Bank (Jagjaguwar, 2009)

Aaron: We're all big fans of it. It's one of the best records I've heard in a while. We talk so much when we're out of the van, and we're always listening to loud bands on the road, so we listen to quiet music in the van.

Radiohead, The Bends (Capitol, 1995)

Ryan: We always end up finding our way back to The Bends. One of my favorites.


Ryan: It's infectious. When we need some energy and laughs, we listen to Rihanna.

Arcade Fire, Neon Bible (Merge, 2007)

Ryan: That's the most rocking thing we're listening to. You want to listen to something calming when you're in the van all day.