Boom Box: The Leningrads

The Leningrads—aka the Disc Exchange House Band—do that college-flavored, Beatles-derived mixture of pop and raggedy rock as well as any band in town. We asked ‘grads Johnny Sughrue and Knathan Halliburton for a list of sounds currently stoking the fires of the their inspiration.

Johnny: Foals

Antidotes (Sub Pop, 2008)

Quirky, jagged new wave from a young Brit band.

Knathan: Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson

Waylon & Willie (RCA, 1978)

One of my favorite records. We actually do a cover of "Wurlitzer Prize." You have to find the original vinyl release, though, because the remastered CD only has eight of the original 11 songs on it. Buyers beware!

Johnny: The Damned

The Black Album (Chiswick, 1980)

I've been wanting to get the re-issue double CD of this, and then I came across a used vinyl copy—score! It's better than I remember for post-punk/prog/new wavy early-'80s fare.

Knathan: Jason Falkner

Can You Still Feel? (Elektra, 1999)

He played in a band called Jellyfish in the early '90s and another called the Grays, who put out only one record, called Ro Sham Bo. He plays guitar in Paul McCartney's band now. I borrow a lot from his melodic and harmonic style. But then again, he borrows a lot of his melodic and harmonic style from the Beatles, so…

Johnny: Foreigner

Head Games (Atlantic, 1979)

The rockers have some classic to-the-point guitar hooks and the cheese is almost tongue in cheek. One of my favorite album covers, too.

Knathan: Wilco

Sky Blue Sky (Nonesuch, 2007)

Johnny said we had to list this record, or we wouldn't be taken seriously by the rock ‘n' roll community. It's hard to listen to Sky Blue Sky and not immediately feel better than you did before.