Boom Box: With Erick Baker

It's been a big week for local singer/songwriter Erick Baker. The Down From Up frontman and solo performer is opening tonight's Sundown in the City concert, and he just got back from Bonnaroo, where he played alongside Pearl Jam, Kanye West, and Metallica. He'll take a break from live shows this summer, but in May he demoed more than 30 songs for an upcoming full-length solo album. (He released the EP It's Getting Too Late to Say It's Early last fall.) Here's what he's been listening to lately.

Jackson Browne, "These Days" from For Everyman (Asylum, 1973)

I hadn't heard this song in a long time, and a couple of weeks ago it came on the radio and just made me stop. It was as if I had never heard the song before. I love rediscovering songs and albums that resonate on whole new levels in my life after some time away from them.

Ray Lamontagne, "Be Here Now" from Till the Sun Turns Black (RCA, 2006)

I have a CD player alarm clock that I wake up to when I set an alarm, and since the day Ray Lamontagne's Till The Sun Turns Black was released, I have been waking up to "Be Here Now." The way it quietly eases into the room makes it a perfect song to softly start every new day with.

The Avett Brothers, Emotionalism (Ramseur Records, 2007)

This was one of my favorite records released last year. It never lets me down, no matter what kind of mood I'm in. The energy and emotion of their live show adds even more life to the songs, too.

Ryan Adams, Heartbreaker (Bloodshot Records, 2000)

I recently got a new computer and this was the first album that I uploaded into iTunes. I have probably listened to this record more than any other in my collection. It's a major influence and easily one of my top-10 records of all time. It's filled with songs that I wish I had written.