Books or Computers? Why Choose?

If you think computers are threatening the survival of public libraries, you probably haven't stopped in a Knox County Public Library lately. Public computer use is in full swing there, along with summer computer classes on topics such as "Internet and E-Mail Basics" (Lawson McGhee, 5:30 p.m., August 10), and loads of audiobooks are being downloaded every day. Here are some of the figures from the past month and last year:

KCPL's 254 public computers were used 437,060 times in 2009, which works out to each public computer being employed 2.5 times per hour

KCPL databases were accessed 343,000 times last year, or 6,596 times each week

2,337 audiobooks were downloaded from last month—a number that's only bound to increase with the addition of this summer's Walk and Read audiobook/exercise program, which runs through Aug. 28

To register for computer classes call 215-8700; register for the Walk and Read Club through