BoK: When You Care Enough to Cast Your Vote

No doubt the Metro Pulse Best of Knoxville brings out the voters, but some topics really drove people to the polls—make that their mailboxes or keyboards. Here's where the most—or the fewest—exercised their right to choose the very coolest in our metro area.

Categories Receiving the Most Votes

(This may have been influenced by that teensy-weensy rule about having to vote in three of five "Best of Best" categories or your stinking ballot wouldn't count)

1. Best of Best: Restaurant 1,483 votes

2. Best of Best: Bar 1,278 votes

3. Best of Best: Store 1,125 votes

Categories With the Fewest

(But hey, they were heartfelt choices, we can tell)

1. Local Blues Band: 157 votes

2. Local Hip-Hop Band: 161 votes

3. Local Dance Company: 203 votes