BOK 2011 Best of the Best, Preservation Pub, Best Bar

Well-seasoned Preservation Pub has weathered some daunting storms in its decade on Market Square by relying on some ancient verities: low-priced beer, familiar servers, free pizza at Happy Hour, and an eclectic mix of live music in the evening, local and not. On days when it's half-tolerable outside, its broad patio is one of the best reviewing stands for Market Square's daily pageant of interesting humanity. (Forget about getting there early enough to get a chair for Sundown; it's impossible.) And a brand-new, more elegant, no-smoking second floor answers the few complaints we hear about Pres—that it's too smoky, and it's too popular for its square footage. Its diverse clientele begins gathering in the late afternoon, when the sun glows in its transom, and often includes downtown restaurateurs, college professors, musicians, journalists, and some of our more affable hoboes. (See Also: Best Bloody Mary, Best Neighborhood Bar/Pub)

Runners Up: Barley's Tap Room, the Public House, Sapphire