Beware of Strangers Bearing C-Notes

The childhood lesson "don't talk to strangers" is hardly fool-proof. After all, if we followed this advice all the time, we'd never meet anyone new. But while navigating the dos and don'ts of talking to strangers may prove tricky in some situations, it should be pretty obvious that when a stranger asks if you have change for $100, he has no intention of becoming your new BFF.

According to a Knoxville Police Department report, a 20-year-old male was loafing outside the main entrance of a Walmart on Thursday, Aug. 26, when he was approached by a young man (we'll call him "the stranger"). The stranger asked if the young man happened to have a spare cigarette. The man said he did not, but continued to converse with the stranger until a black Ford Focus pulled up to the store. The stranger got into the car, and then leaned out the window to ask his new friend if he had change for a hundred. Failing to pick up on the sketchiness of this request, the man pulled a large wad of cash from his wallet and started counting.

The stranger quickly grabbed the cash, and the driver started to pull away. The thieving pair took more with them than they bargained for, however. The victim grabbed onto their moving vehicle and was dragged around the Walmart parking lot until—making perhaps his first practical decision all day—he let go.