Beware of Falling Appliances

If you've ever been an apartment dweller, it is a common observation that random things can end up strewn about the vicinity. Typically, the littering is the result of alcoholic bravery or boredom—or a combination of the two. But sometimes it can have more nefarious motivations.

In a recent Knoxville Police report, a resident of Townview Towers Apartments claimed to have been in her apartment when she heard a loud crash outside her door around midnight. When she opened her door, she found a 20" TV obliterated on her doorstep.

Who would be willing to destroy a television? The victim directed police to suspects in the floors above her, claiming that they had harassed her before by throwing beer cans at her. Why their thirst for vengeance escalated to appliance-chucking remains a mystery, but perhaps this can serve as a lesson for all apartment dwellers: Don't tick off your neighbors if they have the tactical advantage of altitude.