Beware of Canadians Bearing Lottery Tickets

In these tough economic times, people are searching for ways to supplement their incomes, and one local man thought that he had found salvation from our neighbors to the north. Yes, Canada had seemingly extended a helpful fiscal hand to a lucky Knoxville resident.

On Sept. 30, police responded to the report of a man trying to cash a fraudulent check at a business on East Magnolia Avenue. The victim told police that he had received a check for $5,984.68 from the Canadian lottery—a lottery that he had never actually played. Ever helpful (no doubt a ploy as part of their master plan for invasion), the Canadians had included with the check a phone number for a "claims representative" to help the winner with his prize. When contacted, the agent told the man to try a check-cashing business to gain his money.

Furthermore, the winner was told that if the business did not take the check, the victim could deposit it in his new friend's bank account. The only hiccup is that the agent also instructed the man to send him $4,995.27 for international costs and fees.

Once again, this proves there is no such thing as a free lunch, or a free prize from a Canadian lottery that you did not play.