Best BOK Vote-Getters

It's always interesting to see what inspires the most Metro Pulse readers to fill out a Best of Knoxville ballot. Seems we care more about the liberal arts and beer than, say, the Best Use of Lane Kiffin Memorabilia (157 voted for "toilet paper"). Here are the categories and subjects that drew the most votes:

1. Best Sushi—Nama

2. Best Bookstore—McKay Books

3. Best CD/Record Store—Disc Exchange

4. Best Museum—KMA

5. Best TV Station—WBIR

6. Best Ribs—Calhoun's

7. Best Beer Selection—Barley's

8. Best Knoxvillian—Pat Summitt

9. Best Tattoo Parlor—Saint Tattoo

10. Best Hamburger—Litton's