Belated Theft Auto

Who would you trust with your car? Many people get uncomfortable when even a family member borrows their ride. But how about a stranger?

According to a Knoxville Police Department report, a woman was approached on July 27 in a local store's parking lot by a man she recognized but did not actually know. After he asked if he could borrow her car for an afternoon trip to the mall, she had him drop her off before allowing him to take the car under two conditions: that he put gas in the car, and that he return it by 2 p.m. The man agreed.

Did he leave with the car and never come back? No. He even called the woman to tell her he was running late when he failed to return by 2 p.m. However, when the man at last arrived—with a new passenger—the owner began yelling about their tardiness. During her tirade, the woman's dog decided to be adventurous and hop into the car.

Now did the men drive off with the car? No. In fact, the man who first borrowed the car began to help the woman put some of her belongings in the vehicle. It was then that the new passenger whispered something to the man—who took off running as the passenger moved to the driver's seat and drove off. Finally, some action!

Luckily, the car was soon found, dog and all, with no additional damage.