Because Cat Burglars Are Attracted to Shiny Things?

From the logs of the Knoxville Police Department

Not just anyone can win an Emmy Award in journalism, the television industry's highest recognition of excellence. You've got to put in your years of reporting and producing on the front lines of local TV news before you find that one perfect story to push you to the top of your field. Or, you could just steal one. And this was the route taken by an apparently award-hungry cat burglar earlier this week.

According to a Knoxville Police report, a concerned employee at WATE TV 6's Greystone building called them on Sunday, Feb. 20 after reportedly hearing some "young men" making noises in news director Jamie Foster's office around 2:30 a.m. Upon arrival, officers did not find any actual perpetrators or any evidence that anyone had climbed into the building, though the office window was indeed open and unlocked.

However, Foster later discovered that an Emmy Award was gone—as well as a blue University of Virginia ornament missing from his desk. The case is still unsolved and the KPD Crime Lab was unable to retrieve any fingerprints. But should you see any Cavaliers fans suddenly sporting an unexpected award for television broadcasting excellence, please call authorities.