Bathroom Etiquette the Real Victim in Dispute

Once you've proven your point, you can loosen up and give a guy a second chance, no? Knoxville Police received a call to Pertinax Drive just after 8 p.m. on Sept. 23 for an alleged sexual harassment complaint from a 55 year-old woman. She told KPD that around 5 p.m. a man started making insulting comments as he was walking to her neighbor's apartment.

But the alleged victim did not take these insults lightly—particularly when she placed the 40-year-old suspect into a "headlock" and threw him to the ground after he supposedly called her a "sick, old gray headed bitch."

You might think this would've ended the exchange. Not so. The man reportedly came back to the victim's porch and started to talk with her, then asked to use her bathroom and was granted permission (!). Maybe this is when, since he presumably had gotten what he wanted, he stopped worrying about making a good impression. The victim told police that when the man exited the rest room, his manhood was hanging out of his pants. Touché!

The official KPD report stated that, "The victim was advised that a report would be completed, but there appeared to be little evidence to corroborate the complaint..."