Basketball vs. Hockey, or Please Allow Guns in Bars

Dear General Assembly of the State of Tennessee: We are writing to you for no particular reason other than to say, "Hi, how's it going? Bang up job on that ‘restaurant carry' bill you managed to pass without any restrictions last week." That's all.

We've been doing okay here, you know, just getting by, nothing out of the ordinary.

Oh, wait, something weird did happen the other night, Thursday, May 14. It was at some "restaurant" (to use your language) in downtown Knoxville. There were two groups of guys sitting around there watching the TV above the restaurant's "counter." Presumably, they were all there to "eat." One of the groups wanted to watch hockey, and the other wanted to watch basketball. The hockey guys asked the waitress to switch the TV to their game. She did, and then she moved on. Then the basketball guys took the remote and put it back on their game. When they were looking the other way, the hockey group switched it back again. Then, the craziest thing happened. They all got into a big fight. Somebody even had to go to the hospital. We guess sometimes people get a little nuts when they're "eating" some "food" at the "counter" in a "restaurant."

Anyway, no reason to mention that. Just thought it was weird.

See ya,

Everyone Else In Tennessee

Bailey Swilley contributed to this report.