Assault With Intent to Insult the Wrong Ethnicity

From the files of the Knoxville Police Department

Last week according to Knoxville Police reports, two young men both acted violently in the name of... well, actually, we're not really sure what they were so angry about.

The first incident occurred at a local gas station. The perp entered the mini-mart and offered to trade a car title for a gallon of gas; when the attendant told the man he wasn't interested in the offer, the perpetrator grew violent. He began to yell obscenities at the attendant, and accused him of "coming to this country to try to steal Americans' money." After throwing the cash register and display screen to the ground, the man began to assault the attendant, at which point the attendant and a witness wrestled the assailant to the ground, pinning him until police arrived.

The second incident occurred a few days later at the home of an East Knoxville woman who reported an intruder coming onto her property in the middle of the night. The unknown suspect was described as a young white male, dressed all in white, who began screaming vulgar phrases outside the front door of the victim's home. After reportedly boasting that he was a "member of the Aryan nation" and "the iron horse," the man picked up a large stick from the yard and proceeded to break the windows of the two cars parked in the driveway. The suspect fled the scene after a neighbor came outside to make sure everything was okay next door.

Perplexing enough? Consider that both of the victims from these incidents were identified as Caucasian.