Around the World With Smokey

A visit to Mississippi in August capped a round the world adventure for the University of Tennessee's mascot Smokey—in T-shirt graphic form, that is. UT's International and Intercultural Initiative offered students, faculty, staff, and alumni free shirts to take as they traveled, on the condition that they send back photos of "Where in the World is Smokey?" The goal was to publicize UT's Ready for the World program, which supports cultural diversity on campus to prepare students to work and compete in the 21st century. Here's how Smokey covered a lot of global ground:

2 years to complete, beginning in summer 2007

7 continents visited

55 countries, including visits to Roatan, Honduras (one month after a military coup), the Thai rainforest, and the Eastern Caribbean

50 states

50th state Smokey visited to complete his trip: Mississippi

2 times as a Pulitzer Prize finalist for Marshall Ramsey, the first person to submit a photo of Mississippi, from Vicksburg

1991 the year Ramsey graduated from the College of Business Administration at UT, where he was also a cartoonist for The Daily Beacon

100s of photos to view at