Armed and Dangerous and Not a Cat-Lover

They say curiosity killed the cat, but is there really a good reason for a cat to get maced? This conundrum was explored in a Fountain City condo complex at 6 p.m. last Monday. A 41-year-old woman awoke from a nap on her couch to see her 70-year-old neighbor standing at the door. The younger woman then heard her cat cry out in pain, and immediately exited her home to look for the cat. It was found on the porch yowling, wet with an orange substance and wiping its face with its paws.

Enraged, she approached her neighbor's condo, which shares a small porch with her own. As she came towards the elderly woman's door, she was attacked with pepper spray as well. The suspect cited fear as her motive for macing the victim, but acted as if macing a domestic pet was a mundane chore for her. The police report mentions a long history of unresolved disputes between the women, but didn't cite any prior incidences in which the cat was involved.

Efforts to get a police statement from the cat resulted only in requests for canned food, and the investigation was closed.