Another Questionable Kidnapping, Plus Meat

Early last week, the Knoxville Police Department received a report of a young woman being held under suspicion of shoplifting ribeye steaks from a North Knoxville grocery store. Employees claimed to have witnessed the suspect stuffing several packaged steaks into her purse. When questioned by police, the suspect stated that her five-month-old son was being "held hostage" by two men until she returned with steak.

An officer was dispatched to a North Knoxville apartment building to investigate the possible hostage situation. According to the KPD report, it was at that point that the suspect admitted she fabricated the story of her motivation for attempting the theft.

However, one might assume that the officer sent to that North Knoxville apartment was armed with enough meat to negotiate a ribeye ransom with hungry hostage-takers. How are officers trained to meet the foodstuff demands of carnivorous kidnappers? As it's unlikely the opportunity will ever present itself again, we may never know. The quick-thinking (but not very strategic) suspect was charged with shoplifting and making a false report.