And Now, the 2010 Father of the Year

From the daily logs of the Knoxville Police Department

According to a Knoxville Police report, on Dec. 9 at approximately 6:30 a.m. a young woman arrived to her home on Clinch Avenue to find the outer window of her double-pane bathroom window slightly ajar. Not thinking much of it, she got into the shower. After hearing several strange noises, she went to her kitchen window and saw a man dressed in all black standing outside her bathroom window. The victim called 911.

The responding officer observed a male wearing a long-sleeve, black T-shirt and black toboggan cap walking toward the entrance to East Tennessee Children's Hospital. Upon questioning, the suspect claimed he had parked within the vicinity of the address in question, and was walking to the hospital because his child was having surgery that morning. The officer took the man back to the victim's house where he was positively identified as the suspect.

The suspect went on to explain that he had parked his car and was on his way to the hospital when he saw a light on inside the residence and had gone to the backyard to try to catch a glimpse of the victim in the shower. It was confirmed that his wife and child were at Children's Hospital during the time of the incident.

A consented search of the suspect's vehicle yielded three cameras; none of which had any battery power, so their photographs could not be viewed. A search of the suspect's mobile phone revealed several photos of the suspect's genitals and approximately seven photos of unknown females' cleavage, all of which were wearing Hooters restaurant shirts. The suspect was cited with misdemeanor observation without consent and released. The officer passed along a Field Interrogation card to Knoxville Police Department officers, which provides readily available information in case the suspect attempts further crimes.