6,000 calls for Knoxville's 311

For only the second time in its almost six-year history, the City's 311 Call Center crossed the 6,000 call mark in a single week—April 25-29. The two main reasons: 1) a pair of violent storms that dropped trees across dozens of city streets and power lines and left yards littered with debris, necessitating calls to request removal; and 2) calls to sign up for the city's new curbside recycling program, which was unveiled last week and starts in October.

The all-time record for a single week was 6,355, during the week after Thanksgiving in 2007.

The seven-member 311 staff works out of a small office on the sixth floor of the City County Building and agents take non-emergency calls for city departments ranging from Public Service to Parks and Recreation, and Engineering to Community Service.

Normally, the most common calls are related to questions about City Court or complaints about dirty or overgrown lots. (Or malfunctioning parking meters.)

Wonder how many people will call 311 on May 5 to wish it happy sixth anniversary?