$22K for Kid Jeopardy Champ

Parker Norton, a rising eighth grader at Holston Middle School, recently kicked some serious butt on Jeopardy! Kids Week. Here's what he won and how he did it:

  • $22,000 grand prize won by Norton
  • 12 age of Norton and fellow finalists Tayonna Jones of Indianapolis and Jacob Hambaiek of Fresno, Calif.
  • 5739 Jeopardy! game number
  • 7/16/09 broadcast date of finals
  • $400 amount Norton scored for his first correct question in Round 4, "What is Charcoal?" for the answer, "It's the form of carbon your dad probably uses when he fires up the barbecue."
  • $4,000 Norton's score at the end of the first commercial break (vs. $4,200 Hambaiek and $0 Jones)
  • $7,000 Norton's score at the end of the Jeopardy! round (vs. $6,100 Hambaiek and $2,400 Jones)
  • $15,000 Norton's score at the end of Double Jeopardy! (vs. $12,600 Hambaiek and $7,400 Jones)
  • $7,000 final wager in "Women Authors" category
  • $22,000 final score (vs. $15,100 Hambaiek and $7,800 Jones) after correctly providing the question to this Final Jeopardy! answer: "As a child, she liked to play witches & wizards with her friends Ian & Vikki Potter." (Q: Who is J.K. Rowling?)

Source: J! Archive! 25!, j-archive.com