Photos by Travis Gray

  • Knoxvillians are going mad for cupcakes.
  • Peggy Hambright, Knoxville's undisputed diva of all things baked and owner of MagPies (those are her cupcakes above), says the trend started with 'Sex and the City.' 'They went to Magnolia Bakery for cupcakes early in the series and that kicked things off.'
  • <strong>Jack Neely</strong> does his part for the Earth ... he hates styrofoam. Even as a kid he recalls that, though it tended to accompany outdoor fun, it seemed disreputable, corrupted with gray smudges that couldn't be washed off, hideously squeaky, and easily broken.
  • <strong>What you can do: The greener green thumb</strong>
<p>Choose to plant only from seed (it'll cut out the energy-wasting time spent shipping plants). On top of that, choose 'open pollinators,' which are self- or wind-pollinating. Some other garden tips: Decrease the grassy area on your lawn to save lawn mowing (replace it with mulched or planted areas), and buy plants native to Knoxville.</p>
  • <strong>What you can do: Home Ecology 101</strong>
<p>Local agencies such as TVA and Knoxville's Freecycle Network offer great opportunities, if you know to look for them. TVA sends along an energy efficiency kit at your request (log onto, and Freecycle is all about people looking to give away used goods. Don't forget that small things, like choosing cloth diapers over disposables and using energy-saving laundry detergent, can go far for you and the environment.</p>
  • <strong>What you can do: Shop to save the planet!</strong>
<p>A few thoughts: Dress in your second-hand best.; forgo packaging when you can; bring your own shopping bag to the grocer; and buy used goods when you can.</p>
  • <strong>What you can do: To and Fro, less carbon flow</strong>
<p>Carpool! Hike! Don't litter! A local tidbit: If you spend more than $10 on bulk ingredients, organics and food from vendors in the 300-mile range of the city at Three Rivers Market, you qualify for a free buss pass for all Knoxville Area Transit routes. Get more details at</p>
  • Steven Palmer<br>
Style: External Medical Qi Gong<br>
Vibe: Huggable Buddha
  • Sara Griscom, Gypsy Hands<br>
Style: Reiki, Maori<br>
Vibe: Modern Shaman<br>
  • Meredith Harrison<br>
Style: Jin Shin Jyutsu<br>
Vibe: Bright Young Thing
  • Margaret Whitefield Lesch, <br>
In Good Hands<br>
Style: Healing Touch<br>
Vibe: Earth Mother<br>
  • Gina Baker, Be Well Wholistic Therapies<br>
Style: CranioSacral Therapy, SomatoEmotional Release<br>
Vibe: Goddess Powered
  • Caroline Munday<br>
Style: Reiki<br>
Vibe: Ice Queen (in a good way)