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  • Lake Life in the Slow Lane: Night Paddling Published 08/28/2013 at 1:45 p.m.

    No cars were parked at Harrison Branch boat ramp when we arrived around 8:30 p.m.; it is a good thing to be on the water without motorboats in the vicinity, not just for the quiet but also because a collision ...

  • Lake Life in the Slow Lane: Camping Fashion Faux Pas Published 08/14/2013 at 3:06 p.m.

    “Those are some funny looking shoes,” the boat repair guy said, walking behind me to the marina.

  • Lake Life in the Slow Lane: Big-Cat Hunting on Chilhowee Lake Published 07/31/2013 at 12:12 p.m.

    The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency says the eastern cougar (also known as panther, mountain lion, or puma) has been eliminated because of “persecution and loss of ... habitat.” But talk to enough people who have lived here a while, who ...

  • Lake Life in the Slow Lane: Deep Waters at Forney Creek Published 07/17/2013 at 3:27 p.m.

    This creek I’d never seen before—Forney—off the Tuckasegee arm of Fontana Lake, arrived in my field of vision by one of the most circuitous routes I’ve ever taken.

  • Lake Life in the Slow Lane: Tunneling at Calderwood Lake Published 07/03/2013 at 10:17 a.m. 1 Comment

    I’m not one to seek out tight places for adventure, but when Greg Rowe told me about the old railroad tunnel on Calderwood Lake, I thought it might be a good opportunity to try to overcome my aversion for the ...

  • Lake Life in the Slow Lane: Into the Wilderness at Slickrock Creek Published 06/19/2013 at 1:02 p.m.

    Biologist Drew Crain told me there were only a couple of things to worry about at Slickrock Creek: bears and rattlesnakes.

  • Lake Life in the Slow Lane: Exploring Ninemile Creek Published 06/05/2013 at 2:21 p.m.

    German shepherd Norm, my current paddling companion, had canoed several times already, without incident, and I was starting to think he might rival Jasper, the Labrador-German shepherd mix who went down the 652-mile Tennessee with me in 1998. Yet Norm ...

  • Lake Life in the Slow Lane: Fishing (and Birding) at Notchy Creek Published 05/22/2013 at 3:27 p.m.

    We had put in at Rasor Landing, near the mouth of Notchy Creek off Corn Tassel Road, via Niles Ferry Road, near Vonore, a lovely collection of place names that you would only find in East Tennessee.

  • Paddling Against the Wind at Fourmile Creek Published 05/08/2013 at 11:30 a.m.

    My German shepherd Norman and I had been planning our canoe invasion of Fourmile Creek (off upper Tellico Lake) for weeks, and now we have failed twice. The second attempt proved one of those paddling maxims worth remembering from time ...