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    01/01/2008 - 02/29/2008

Recent Work

  • Bon Voyage Published 03/20/2008 at 11:06 a.m.

    As you recall from our last episode of The Spirit of Knoxville, the amateur balloon project was aiming to be the first to cross the Atlantic. And attempt number four almost made it, as Kevin Crowe relates.

  • Still Riding the Silver Screen Published 03/13/2008 at 6 a.m.

    Marshal Andy, a role that Andy Smalls has been playing for nearly three decades on stage and on local television, is a genuine singing cowboy, the likes of which haven’t existed in popular culture for the past 50 years.

  • Focused Freedom Published 02/28/2008 at 6 a.m.

    Scanning the sheet music for “Modul 35,” one of pianist Nik Bärtsch’s compositions from 2006’s STOA, it appears to be a dizzying array of eighth- and sixteenth-notes, bridging across the page and rarely, if ever, letting up. It’s a tight, ...

  • Cross the Atlantic! Published 02/07/2008 at 5 p.m.

    Knoxville Inventors race against time and weather to send the spirit of Knoxville across the globe in a ballooning adventure.

  • A Tale of Two Derbies Published 02/07/2008 at 4:21 p.m.

    How much Roller Derby can one town support? We'll soon find out. Joining the Hard Knox Roller Girls in contention for your Derby dollars is upstart league the Smoky Mountain Derby Rogues. Kevin Crowe reports from trackside.

  • Cease and Desist Published 01/24/2008 at 10:26 p.m.

    Copyright Laws Die Hard. Last November the word “COPYSHOP” was painted—in big red letters—across the brickwork at 317 N. Gay St. It’s the latest, and perhaps most controversial, installment at the Art Gallery of Knoxville—Copyshop, in short, was designed to ...

  • Gamers' Delight Published 01/17/2008 at 12:09 p.m.

    A new business brings video-game combat to Gay Street's 100 block.

  • Not for All the Tea Published 01/10/2008 at 6 a.m.

    File under “It Sounded Like a Good Idea at the Time.” When banjo player and WDVX DJ Matt Morelock got an invitation to tour China in a pick-up hillbilly band, he quickly decided to take it. But his adventure abroad ...

  • CD Review: Sadville Published 12/20/2007 at 5:20 p.m.

    Woefully brutal, Sadville’s first LP, Make Ready the Cross, hit like a sledgehammer back in January. After signing with Brooklyn’s Inkblot Records, they recorded seven sludge masterpieces, many of which had been polished at live shows and house parties over ...

  • CD Review: Psychic Baos Published 12/20/2007 at 5:18 p.m.

    It begins with a single note stretched out for nearly a minute; as a whole, it’s a slice of free-form cosmic lo-fi electronica, coupled with some of the loud hell-raising that we’ve come to expect from the boozy confines of ...