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  • Good-Bye, Downtown: A Kimberly-Clark Forget-You-Not From 400 Goodys Lane Published 07/03/2013 at 10:04 a.m. 4 Comments

    Kimberly-Clark has left the building. Long live the new building, the east wing of the former Goody’s glass headquarters in West Knoxville. By the time you read this, we’ll be relocated, with a view of Th’Katch sign.

  • Knoxploitation: The Making of 'Incoming Freshmen' Published 06/13/2012 at 2:54 p.m.

    In 1976, a group of first-time filmmakers from the University of Tennessee decided to tackle the drive-in market with their own exploitation film, Incoming Freshmen. While it eventually did indeed make it to theaters, the road there was a treacherous ...

  • A Guide to Urban Fishing in Knoxville Published 10/12/2011 at 11:44 a.m. 1 Comment

    Why go off into the wilderness to catch fish when you can do it right here in the city? Our brave angler tries out some of Knoxville's fishing holes.

  • Vintage Motorcycling at Daytona Bike Week Published 03/05/2010 at 2:11 p.m.

    This winter has sucked; there’s really no way around it. Even Mr. Ride-Every-Day Geoffrey Greene would agree. I check the five-day forecast hoping for a dry 44-degree weekend day, so I can get a ride in. That’s pitiful for ...

  • New BMW/Ducati Dealership Slated for Chattanooga Published 12/02/2009 at 10:23 a.m.

    Bucking the current economic climate, Justin Prann, former parts manager for BMW Motorrad North America, is well on his way to opening a new BMW and Ducati dealership in Chattanooga.

  • “Distracted Driving” Gets Increased Attention From Lawmakers, AMA Published 12/02/2009 at 10:21 a.m.

    President Obama signed an executive order banning federal employees from sending text messages while driving government vehicles and while using government-paid cell phones when driving their own cars. The order also bans federal employees from sending text messages from hand-held ...

  • Emptying Containers Published 12/02/2009 at 10:04 a.m.

    Most “mature” readers surely have heard the old saw about newlyweds, the first year of marriage, and a jar of nickels. I’ll spare you the details, but basically the jar never empties. A motorcycle restoration is similar, in that the ...

  • Steve Gilkey's 1984 Harley-Davidson XR1000 Published 12/02/2009 at 9:48 a.m.

    "This is an ’84 XR1000, even though it’s stamped ’83. All the black ones were ’84s, almost at the very end of the run. They made less than 150 of the black ones, and they were offered to Harley dealers ...

  • Hickman and Parker Claim WERA, AHRMA Titles Published 11/05/2009 at 10:45 a.m.

    Ray Hickman of Corryton (129 Racing) claimed two WERA national championships for 2009 by taking two wins at the Nashville round on September 27, followed by a win and a third place at the WERA Grand National Finals at Road ...

  • 2009 Triumph Rocket III Tourer: Power Monger Published 10/22/2009 at 10:45 a.m. 1 Comment

    Rolling west on the Rocket III around the Highway 95 exit on I-40, I pulled alongside a Honda Fit automobile. On Triumph’s behemoth triple, I felt I could simply bump that little car out of the way, like in the ...

  • New Old Bikes Published 10/22/2009 at 10:19 a.m.

    Lately I have been scoping out potential bike purchases for my brother. He’s no fan of wrenching, so new and simple are my primary criteria. I sent him photos of a Ninja 250 with a “for sale” sign parked on ...

  • Local Racers Rebound After Incidents Published 09/22/2009 at 5:53 p.m.

    Ray Hickman of Corryton (129 Racing) had a great start to the July 26 Roebling Road WERA road racing round, and won the V7 Heavyweight race, before crashing and heavily damaging his bike when he encountered oil on the track ...

  • Suffering From Projectitis Updated 10/09/2009 at 9:42 a.m.

    Those of you who aren’t tool-users might want to skip this column, but it might just prove to be a cautionary tale for those contemplating a project purchase, even if it is a really great deal.

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