The general plan is to hand letter the entire box in the fashion of an old school sign painter. We'll be using all of the required elements along with the names of the District of Bearden Members and some names and possibly illustrations of things that are found in our area.

The theme of the box is "Free to Read all Over" because you're going to be able to literally read all over the outside of the box and Metro Pulse is free to read all over town. It's a two for one kind of pun!

Charming, friendly and fashion-forward, The District in Bearden is a haven within a haven, a collection of 30-plus art, fashion, design, and dining establishments set within one of West Knoxville's favorite neighborhoods. Clothing retailers and accessory boutiques outfit the fashionable of all ages, and there are design shops, galleries and antique nooks filled with finds for your home. Salon and spa services within the district provide a soothing respite, or you can fortify yourself for more retail therapy with a meal or a drink at one of the district's celebrated eateries. The parking is plentiful, the atmosphere is relaxed, and there's even a downloadable District app to maximize your experience.

I'm Derek and I've been steadily rowing my way through a career in graphic design from the bottom up. I started my career in photography when the argument between film and digital was still a valid conversation. After a few years processing film in one of the busiest labs in Birmingham, AL, I moved into a digital print shop with Kinko's (now FedEx). From that point, I started running a variety of large-format jobs, complex fulfillment and shipping requests, and any manner of high-volume print orders. I've got a great working knowledge of any type of finishing and bindery process as well as the ability to prepare files for different printing types. I'm an avid screen printer as you can see here, here and here.

After a few years of shooting and designing on my own, I made a break for a solo designer career. I landed an in-house designer position at a very large architecture firm in the heart of Birmingham's historic downtown. I operated as the sole graphic designer for both the Birmingham and Atlanta offices and a staff totaling nearly 50 people at the peak of my time there. It was the true first break for me and a real turning point in my career. I was able to work hard, excel creatively, and get some really great exposure in my time there. After a few years of excitement in architecture, I was offered an opportunity to work at the UAB School of Medicine that would prove extremely personal and rewarding for me. I've been there for almost two years now and love the work we do. Nothing could be more incredible than working for a medical center that is truly ahead of the curve in nearly every way.

Outside of my career, I'm an avid consumer of magazines and total lover of the outdoors. I have a lovely wife who's managed to survive living with me and gently tolerates my general abuse of sentence structure. I have a small screen printing studio in my basement, so when I'm not designing things for award winning architecture firms or cancer research centers, I like to print wedding invitations and baby announcements for my friends. I absolutely love to relax and have a good time. I often tell people that "I'm really into fun" and I mean it. Life is supposed to be fun and filled with great design. I intend to work hard every day to keep it that way.