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The Torture Debate Rages On

In Defense of Self-defense

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Being a proud Lib, I love to remind the Cons that we should all be concerned about serious electoral improprieties that can sway the outcome of important elections, regardless of who “wins” or how the candidates fare in their home states.

J. David Buckwalter

The Torture Debate Rages On

First of all, Greene attempts to conflate the illegal actions of a dozen now-prosecuted American soldiers with valid interrogation techniques used to extract information that could potentially save hundreds or thousands of innocent lives. Yes, what these 12  knuckle-draggers did at Abu Ghraib was in clear violation of administration policy and they are now paying the price for their illegal actions. Having said that, being forced to take off your clothes and lie in a pile, or being laughed at by “cigarette-smoking soldiers” (or as Greene likes to call it, “dehumanization and sexual humiliation,” while others simply call it “just like my college frat hazing”), doesn’t seem so bad compared to the “interrogation techniques” employed by Islamofascists such as hacking off heads with short knives.

And please spare us all the tired platitudes of “we’re no better than those we’re fighting if we forcefully interrogate terrorists.” If you have to wonder if we’re better than child-murdering, beheading and genital-mutilating Islamic fascists, I question your relationship with reality.

Just for the record, here is a list of CIA interrogation techniques currently being used, according to U.S. Senate adviser Scott Horton: induced hypothermia; forcing suspects to stand for prolonged periods; sleep deprivation; a technique called “the attention grab” where a suspect’s shirt is forcefully seized; the “attention slap” or open hand slapping that hurts but does not lead to physical damage; the “belly slap”; and “sound and light manipulation.”

I notice a distinct lack of reference to Greene’s allusion to “direct

governmental agents beating prisoners to death.” I’m aware that this is a favorite conspiracy fantasy of the Left. But so is the idea  that we are now living in a fascist state and only seconds from being taken to “re-education camps” for daring to “speak truth to power” to the Bush administration.

As for Greene’s reference to waterboarding, he should download the YouTube clip of Fox News reporter, Steve Harrigan, undergoing this “infamous” technique. If Greene is right about it being a “systematic and repeated near drowning” of the prisoner, it’s apparently one from which he can fully recover from within minutes, grab a mic and explain the technique and what he was feeling in detail. (I realize those consumed with Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS®) will object that this is just administration propaganda since it aired on “Faux News,” but, oh, well. The Left apparently has so many conspiracy fetishists, they could have kept the X-Files stocked with new storylines for at least three more years.)

Simply put, if these are the worst techniques we use on terrorists, I think most Americans would agree they’re getting off light.

By the way, I’m very curious about just how Mr. Greene would attempt to extract information from Islamic fascists if it were up to him. Since he’s against using loud music, bright lights and sleep deprivation to obtain info, just what would he suggest? Maybe the “Comfy Chair” technique? The “Ice-Cream-Sundae-but-Withholding-the-Cherry” technique? As long as he avoids the dreaded

“Disapproving Look” technique, I think he can prevent being charged with “torture.”

Melissa Golding

In Defense of Self-defense

Harvard Fong

Stuffed Crow?

Grant Barton

Lost But Not Forgotten

Mary Lieberman

Under the Bridge

Richard F. Robinson

Err of Synopsis

Are you all stupid or something?

Whoever wrote the blurb described the new ABC television show Day Break starring Taye Diggs, instead of the recently released theatrical film starring Denzel Washington. Did the fact that the lead role in each are played by a black man throw you? Did anyone on your staff even see Déjà Vu or even take five minutes to find out what it was about? Déjà Vu is an excellent movie, and you do it and your readers a disservice by inaccurately and inexplicably getting its plot mixed up with a TV show’s....

Mark Longmire

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