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Dear Santa

Cap Correction

Cruel and Unusual

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John A. Guerin

Dear Santa

Instead of asking you for the usual bicycle or toy, I would like for you to give to the Chancery Court, and all those involved in regulating and enforcing child support services in Tennessee, a “Loving Heart” for fairness and justice. There seems to be a spirit of witchcraft and arrogance in the court system that should not be. The state’s representative judges, referees, attorneys, and administrative clerks uses of intimidation by humiliation and threats of incarceration to force the non-custodial parents (mostly men) into paying more than is reasonable would stop if they had a “Loving Heart.” Then I would be happy because my daddy would be better treated and my mom would be happier ’cause I was happier, after all... isn’t this supposed to be about “us kids.”

Someone once said: “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.”

My dad and I are good men!

We wish you the best Christmas ever!

Eddie Hamilton and his father

Cap Correction

I thought I would pass along information for those interested in this issue. Interstate 670 in Columbus, Ohio (basically an airport-downtown connector) features an overpass that is a “cap” over High Street (the city’s main north-south street). This design feature is about two years old. The buildings that are a part of the cap are gorgeous. More importantly, the buildings serve to connect downtown to the Short North (an arts district), replacing a blank space that once existed.

Now, as ODOT designs a reconfiguration of Interstates 70 and 71 as they pass through downtown Columbus, there are talks of more caps being incorporated into that design as well.

Barry Tadlock

Cruel and Unusual

She also trivializes such things as induced hypothermia, standing for long periods, sleep deprivation, and et cetera. These may not sound so bad while seated in the comfort of your own home. I know the agony of sleep deprivation suffered under the best of circumstances.

In reality, these are cruel and unusual punishments. Nor is beating a prisoner to death a “favorite conspiracy fantasy of the left,” as if the word conspiracy were some polemic trump card to negate reality.

We regard that our own fighting men need only give their name, rank, and serial number. We would abhor that they be tortured to extract information no matter how valuable. This is the moral high ground that our forefathers climbed to, and it was not meant to be sullied then or now by anger, frustration, reciprocity or the exigencies of guerrilla warfare. The sin of the Arab is that they don’t want us meddling in their affairs. What we got, and this includes the great democratic principles that gave us Bush as a leader, they don’t want.

Allow me a few minor observations. I am averse to the use of the word Islamofascist. I sense that most peoples’ understanding of the word “fascist” is little better than a dog’s understanding of the word “bud.” It has come to mean simply a goon, and it is something that you rub one’s nose into. In fact, fascism is an economic system similar to what we used to know as mercantilism—the private ownership of the means of production coupled with some curtailment of individual liberties, and, like money, it is neither inherently good nor evil.

Additionally, I would like to say that what we are doing may be of benefit to the Arab world, though even they may not realize it. These wars that they have been fighting, not among themselves so much despite public opinion to the contrary, but to keep invaders at bay, have served to reinvigorate their manhood. This burning around the edges, especially in Afghanistan, has kept them renewed, kept them from going soft. As we now sink in to the softest seat, our nation sinks in to mongrelization and third-world squalor. By comparison when we leave the Arab world, it will again be theirs, and they will come out of the fire with vitality.

Lastly, I am glad that people such as Melissa are angry, that Americans in general are upset. Perhaps we will find the wisdom to direct this anger like a bullet instead of releasing it harmlessly as a firecracker. Perhaps we can direct it at our own servile politicians who have gotten us into this jam with “the tail wags the dog.” Israel as the stick and big oil as the carrot.

Robert Minick

Ads on Wheels

David Bernholdt

Up One

Howard Switzer

Guidelines for Incoming Mail

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