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Citing a few words spoken by St. Paul, coupled with the ancient prohibitions of Leviticus, these individuals prove themselves to be untiring in their desire to repress those whom they dislike, and uncaring in their attitude toward the plight of orphaned children who will lose the opportunity to gain entry into a loving household. Might I remind these people that Leviticus also forbids the eating of shellfish and that St. Paul castigates women who fail to cover their hair?

Since Tennessee’s would-be religious tyrants see fit to overlook those elements of the Bible, perhaps on this issue they could find it in their heart to look to Jesus’ message of love and inclusion, rather than obsessing over a few sentences containing a long-outdated message of prejudice.

Scott Hendrix


Hillbillied Out

Being hillbillies is an image promoted wide and far about East Tennessee, one that we embrace ourselves unfortunately.

My parents grew up during the Depression here in East Tennessee. Both wore ragged clothes, had one pair of shoes and had to quit school to help support their families. My dad’s fondest childhood memory is of chopping firewood during the winter so that his family wouldn’t freeze to death at night. You know those log cabins and hillbilly houses, well insulated with newspaper, mud, etc.

However, that being said, both my father and mother hated the term hillbilly, a label unfairly cast upon them by the rest of the country due to the poverty which was so rampant in East Tennessee then, and even now in some instances.

In Friday’s News Sentinel , Aug. 26, our own state attorney general asked that the singer of “Redneck Woman” stop making tobacco chewing out to be such a glamorous pastime. Wise decision, even if I have chewed in the past myself.

My point here is let’s not shoot the messenger who’s telling us where improvements can be made. Instead let us consider the words. Many people around here bask in the hillbilly image, even though it’s not a flattering one. We may live in the hills, but it doesn’t mean that we’ve got to play the part.

No, Knoxville isn’t New York, but it is a comfortable place to

live. We should take pride in that and not our hillbilly image.

Michael Rosenbaum


Got Any I.D.?

For the last several years, the only nation and the only state governed by Bushes have been pounded by the worst that nature can offer. Hellfire, not only has Florida been hit by hurricanes, the state had an “X” marked through it by two of them. One hurricane decided to come on back and take a second shot, and a third took a quick right away from Alabama just to get a swipe at the Panhandle.

C’mon now! Pass up on ’Bama crackers for ‘da swamprats. If Pat Robertson would take his aged, addled brain out of his abyss and quit worrying about Supreme Court justices and Venezuelan politics he’d know he and his ilk are being sent a clear message.  Unfortunately, like stray dogs that live on the highway and walk on three legs, they are too slow to get it, and so the Intelligent Designer, not used to being both invoked and then ignored, is now totally and seriously pissed.

Yes, by God, we are dealing with no one less than the Intelligent Designer. He/She/It or They does exist and is letting it be known that the kind of stupidity, duplicity, and disingenuousness displayed by the Bushes of America just don’t cut it. 

Also, He/She/It or They is tired of being subtle (and could care less  about being talked about in science class). Years ago the I.D. wrote to the editor of this very same paper (the Metro Pulse apparently is sort of the chosen tribal paper) and suggested that we drop a Volkswagen sized bomb on Florida, a volksbomben as it were. From that letter’s response, the I.D. learned that subtlety is wasted on Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike.

Jerome Prahl


Minutemen Were and Are Legals

In discussing the Minutemen, your editorial stated that our Founding Fathers were...”either extra-legal immigrants or descendants...” of same, which is untrue. The founders of the republic (and their immediate ancestors) were here legally, as subjects of the Crown on England. There was no United States of America, no Department of Immigration and Naturalization, no laws against entering our colonies without making application and being documented, and no procedure for legalizing one’s presence in those original 13 colonies.

The founders decided they no longer wished to be governed by the King of England, but to compare these patriots with “illegal aliens” who are breaking our laws by flooding our country to benefit from the prosperity created by those very revolutionaries and their descendants is neither factual nor fair.

Contrary to your wispy argument that racism is somehow behind the Minutemen, it is a question, not of ethnicity, but of illegality. Plus our security as a nation. Plus economics. Seems the Left always takes the position America is wrong and evil, the ACLU knows best, and any white man who opposes this liberal view is a racist, homophobic, and a knuckle-dragging Bubba who lives in a trailer park and attends a Christian, too, the Muslim Koran is allowed...but not the Holy Bible.

There’s nothing wrong with Mexicans, or any other law-abiding people, migrating to our wonderful country legally, but your position that doing it illegally is OK is biased and flat-out ignorant. Obviously you know nothing of the severe financial situations created in the hospitals and medical centers of our border states affected by this illegal tidal wave. Nor do you admit or recognize the criminal elements poring across our borders, the landslide of illegal drugs, not to mention an unknown number of Arab terrorists.

This stale template reminds me of John Kerry’s position on oil. The Left screams over rising gas prices, those greedy and corrupt oil companies, Wall Street and blah blah blah, but let some politician suggest we actually drill for more oil to placate our oil shortages, and Ted Kennedy and all the usual suspects thrash to and fro in hysteria like someone just kidnapped their first-born child. Liberalism is a mental disorder. The Left is deaf, dumb and blind to solving even these glaring national problems.

Legislating from the bench or the printed page is not an option. Illegal immigration has nothing to do with race. And hoping for an American military disaster in Iraq is treason.

Larry Henry


Right On on the Minutemen

The editorial accurately frames the movement for what it is...a white supremacist one. A local media outlet recently reported the Minutemen had held a recruiting meeting in Knox County. Should this have been the case and a group indeed forms with similar intentions, we would implore our business and civic leaders to do as those in Hamblen County did and denounce their efforts. 

What this country sorely needs is immigration reform, not some reincarnation of a group from an uglier period of time in our country’s history.  

In closing, we reiterate the last sentence of the editorial, “There’s no place in East Tennessee for racist, divisive ugliness.”  

Saadia L. Williams,

Guidelines for Incoming Mail

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