Yes, He Actually Filled Out Our Website's Letter-To-The Editor Form to Tell Knoxvillians It Snowed in Boston

I am writing because I would like to complain about the snow emergency we had today all over Boston.

I got to work this morning parked the company's car at 9 a.m. and went to the gym. One hour late I came back to find out the car had been towed. Snow emergency they say. But it is so frustrating that I had to lose one work hour to go pick up the car because a snow emergency was declared but it is 5:22 p.m. and there is hardly any snow on the ground!!!!!

Can't the mayor and whoever is involved with the management of this city find a better way to take care of the city's money issues? Because I think this snow emergency was nothing but a way to take money from the people. Money that we don't have. I really wish I could get my $96 I left there at that towing company because there was not need to tow any car today.

Sid Alvez

Boston, Mass.