Winning at a Cost

I want to commend Frank Cagle for putting into words what many of us think about our new "boy wonder" football coach. ["Adult Supervision Needed," Frank Talk, Dec. 17, 2009] He has no credentials to assume the position. He does not have the maturity to pull off the responsibilities of the job. He does not have the personality to interact with the citizens of Knoxville over the age of 20. He does not have the best interest of the University of Tennessee first in his actions and words. In short, he is too immature, self promoting, and arrogant to continue to represent my beliefs about UT.

I am a member of two organizations where he was scheduled to speak. He did not show at either. One at which he did not participate is the Knoxville Quarterback Club, a prominent football booster group in Knoxville. He has no class or sense of responsibility. It is just all about HIM. He will push the rules until he puts UT on probation and then he will move on for more money. With coaches like Nick Saban and "Lame" Kiffin coming into college football, we are at a sad time. It is a win-at-all-cost approach that I do not feel is appropriate. Too many fans forget this is just a sport (never thought I would say that) and we should not abandon morals and principles to achieve an end.

Jim Adcock