Where the Heck are the Movie Times?

I love your newspaper and get 90 percent of my local news from it, so thanks for that.

However…. I popped onto the website to look up movie times and couldn't find ANYTHING! Lots of reviews but nothing about the theaters and times. How is it that a publication dedicated to Knoxville-area entertainment could have a website without movie times (or if not without, at least incredibly well-hidden)?

Beth Wilson


With the redesign of our website, we removed the movie-times feed from our movies page; while we certainly liked the feature ourselves, it didn't seem to generate much traffic among users. (Most people seeking movie times go to dedicated sites like Fandango.com.) So, we had to ask ourselves whether the movie times were worth the extra cost of paying for the feed. If any readers out there feel strongly about this lacking feature and want it back, send a note to editor@metropulse.com.

—Coury Turczyn, ed.