What? Deal With Important Problems, You Say?

I really appreciated the last issue of Metro Pulse with the article about Mr. Potter and the Health Care Reform. ["The Defector" by Jack Neely, Jan. 13, 2011]

At the same time, we hear that the House decided to pass a repeal of the health care reform, or Obamacare, as they call it.

Because of the Obamacare, coverage cannot be denied to people who are or become sick, children can be covered under their parents' plan until 26, insurance companies have to spend at least 80 percent of the premium on actual medical care, small businesses will have tax credits and help to offer insurance to employees, the federal government will save $230 billion, the infamous donut hole will disappear for retirees, 32 million Americans now with no coverage will be able to afford health care.

Now, what's wrong in all this?

It might not be perfect, but sure there are a lot of good things in it for a lot of us!

I think the new Republican majority in the House started with the wrong foot. Instead of passing a propagandistic and useless repeal of the health care reform, they should concentrate on positive improvements in the health care reform, or a health care reform bill 2: A lot needs to be done to reduce the cost of health care more, cut the waste, set rules to make the health care system a really competitive and open market.

These are issues that should be really close to the Republican core values, and the country needs the help of the Republican majority to make health care really viable in the long term and to stop the constant increase of health-care costs we have seen at least in the last 10 years in our paychecks.

Let's forget the bickering and the electoral slogans and let's get back to work!

Making Obama fail cannot be the only item on the political agenda! Come on, there are more important problems we have to deal with…

Maurizio Conti