Weeding Out

My name is Mike Grady and I smoke marijuana. There, I said it. I also pay property taxes, work full time, went to college, and am a model citizen. I have never assaulted anyone. Raped anyone. Murdered anyone. In other words I have never committed a crime. Yet people like Frank [Cagle], who confuse police work with science fiction, would love to see hard working Americans like me do time. Why? Perhaps it is just ignorance that often passes for journalism at the Metro Pulse. ["Street Justice," Frank Talk, Nov. 26, 2009]

Twenty million Americans have been arrested for marijuana; 20,000,000 people, not all gang affiliated I might add. People like my 68-year-old mother, who was arrested back in 2003. Marijuana studies conducted by our government shows that its use has less of an impact on the health of a person and the society they live in than alcohol. So why the bad rap? Why is pot constantly lumped in with other dangerous substances like meth and heroin? Because it is easy. Easy revenue for the private prison system. Easy for the police that need to show they are in fact working at something to stop crime. Easy for windbags like Frank to pull fluff out of their butts for some weak argument on crime prevention.

Real violent crime goes unchecked because police work is difficult. Busting a pot head is easy. To see how troubling this issue really is, I suggest people, especially Frank, watch the documentary The Union. Because, like many good Americans, I want less big-brother government telling me what I can and can not do while taxing the snot out of me to feed, dress, and shelter 4,000 people that should be home eating junk food and watching cartoons. Unlike the fantasy Frank portrays of people like me stealing your car stereo after I smoke pot, I just want [to] veg on the sofa in front of reruns of Alf. Yeah, I know, pretty bad show but come on... I already said I was stoned.

Mike Grady