Unintended Consequences

I am dismayed by the current movement in our country to abolish unions. Unions are the reason we have a 40-hour work week, workers' comp, workplace safety, sick leave, paid vacation, child labor laws, and many other things that every worker in the United States benefits from. Without unions we may see things change drastically. I would also like to remind people out there that government workers do not have the right to strike (President Reagan proved that). Collective bargaining groups are the only things that provide protection for the rights of government workers. The groups that look out for the interests of teachers are also lobby groups for education itself. Abolition of these groups would have consequences on our children. I think we really need to consider the law of unintended consequences before we go crazy with abolishing any unions. After all we don't want any more Triangle Shirtwaist Factories.

Miranda Reseigh