True Equality

God was introduced to me through Bible stories illustrated with felt board, and I loved those stories. I learned, and I remember to this day. The one all-abiding promise was that God loved me. He cared about ALL people, individually and corporately, and I was His child

Today, I wonder why we all cannot know and trust that God loves us, no matter our race, our ethnicity, or whatever variable, we exhibit.

Just as we cannot change our height, our skin color, or birthright, we cannot change gender preference. And, Lord knows, we have tried. A whole lot of people have tried to live a heterosexual lifestyle, asking God to change us because "people" tell us false truths, and we have failed. God convinced me that He wanted me to be exactly who he made me to be. "Do not live a lie, be truthful with Me and yourself," was his message to me. He wanted me to be exactly who He made me to be. It took a lot of time of wrestling with the issue before He made it clear.

God has made us all with our own special idiosyncrasies—our own characteristics and ways of doing and being—and He loves us no matter the variations. Why can't we love each other based on personal preference rather than another man's assignment of good and bad, or another man's judgment, or a majority rule.

Why can't we make the personal investment of time and effort to communicate with and to learn the real truth about each other.

God is no respecter of persons. No one is assigned a higher position than matter their personal wealth, reputation, talents, or inclinations. We are equal in His eyes.

I know of people whose families have rejected them, who have been told from the pulpit that they are going to hell. These people have, in essence, no hope because the folks that society considers authorities have spoken their fate.

I know that I know that God loves me...a 71-year-old woman, monogamously partnered in a Christ-centered same-sex relationship for 20 years. I know that God made me to be who I am. I know my purpose is to share what I know to be true with those people who do not know and who live as turtles, withdrawn into their shells and hidden with fear, hurt, and anger.

God is my Comfort, my Provider, the Keeper of my soul by virtue of the Holy Spirit who lives inside me. I cannot allow people to exist in the ignorance of man's judgement without sharing God's Truth.

Barbara J. Vogel