Three Exclamation Points of Approval

I just finished reading "Battle Fatigue" about the Midway business park [by Jesse Fox Mayshark, Dec. 9, 2010]. It was great to read an in-depth article about the various viewpoints regarding the park. I only wish that the article included something about what the current owners of the disputed properties are presently doing with the property. I imagine it would be difficult to live near the property and constantly worry about having an industrial site as your neighbor.

As always, I tip my hat to the writers at Metro Pulse. Some other notable recent articles include the one about gun owners, as well as Jack Neely's piece about the last passenger train to leave Knoxville. I am sorry to read that Frank Carlson is moving on, as his articles are always top notch.

Keep up the great work!!!

Andy Zimmerman

South Knoxville