Things We Forgot to List in Our Lists Issue

I really enjoyed the lists, but the "4 Movies with Scenes Set in Knoxville" was missing The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things.

If you recall, this movie (shot in 2004) was the heartwarming story about a single mom doing her best to single-handedly raise her boy in these difficult times.

No serious movie aficionado would ever forget this locally filmed and quite accurate depiction of the flavor of our "gritty city."

Thomas Schiavone


Did we miss Kid Curry on this list of unlikely visitors to Knoxville? I think so.

Lex Paul McCarty


Website comments for the "21 Pikes" list (which clearly indicated that it was only going to list 21 pikes, not all of them, mind you)...

Jim: You forgot Lyons View Pike.

SwanPondFarm: Also left off the pike list: Strawberry Plains Pike and Thorngrove Pike, both in the oldest part of the county.