V-Roys drummer Jeff Bills weighs in on our Best Knoxville Band Ever coverage

Just wanted to drop a note and say thanks to Matthew Everett and all those involved in the Metro Pulse "Best Knoxville Band Ever" poll. The article made clear that this was truly a subjective endeavor and any question of who was "best" is ultimately unanswerable. I agree completely, especially given the broad range of talented acts that have come from here. Knoxville has long been blessed with phenomenal musicians dating back to some of the first music ever recorded here, The Tennessee Chocolate Drops, on up through today. And all points in between.

I have been very lucky to have been a part of the scene in some capacity and can honestly say that the bands and musicians that this town has produced are some of my favorites ever. To be included in a conversation with folks whose work I hold in such esteem and many of whom I idolize is better than any other musical accolade possible. And to be placed so high on the list is something that I don't have words for other than it is very humbling to say the least.

Jeff Bills, (V-Roys drummer), Knoxville