Teetering on the Edge

There aren't any true voids of the mind, rather minds that avoid reality. ["Mind Full of Voids," Sideways Glance by Rikki Hall, Feb. 19, 2009] We have entered a fantasy land. Arrogance is a sickness. There are those who have benefited from America's past prosperity, its liberty, who still believe socialism will work in America. Socialism is bankrupt. To continue to delude oneself otherwise is quite dangerous. Sadly we are on the road now where the delusional have convinced the ignorant that somehow a socialist future won't be so bad. They have convinced themselves to simply wait for the current generation who oppose this path to die out and avoid a conflict. Unfortunately, as time goes on life will get worse. A black market will arise that will require draconian measures to combat. There are ways to avoid even this but the world economy is teetering on the edge. And so here we are. Georges Santayana is oft quoted. Interestingly enough, he was paraphrasing the words of another. What will America and the rest of the world do? How can one sell ones soul when one does not own it?

George Brewer, Knoxville