A Suggestion for the Empty Baptist Hospital

Would using the vacant Baptist Hospital building be a good first step in instituting the Ten-Year Plan in Knoxville?

My initial feeling is that before turning out homeless individuals into supportive housing, they would benefit by an intense program in a single setting that would classify and address their individual needs. Baptist Hospital and surrounding, professional buildings have the best set-up to provide temporary housing, de-tox services, health care screenings, vocational training and concentrated social services. The completion of these steps and a six-12 month period of successful work history, where money made is put into a savings account to be drawn out in a supervised fashion upon release into supportive housing, the individual may then be a candidate for supportive housing. The Ten-Year Plan may partner with Clayton Homes and Habitat for Humanity and others to house these successful individuals.

Positives of Baptist Hospital facility:

1. Already set up for health screenings, commercial kitchen and individual rooms.

2. Professional buildings to house social service agencies and medical professionals.

3. Parking garages to set up vocational training classes.

4. Slope to river turned into terraced gardens.

5. Located directly across from the "Sitting and Counting Building" to give government a daily reminder of their obligations.

John Hewitt