Still Cooperative

We are thrilled that Three Rivers Market (TRM) was named as this year's Best Health Food Shop and Best Green Business. [Best of Knoxville, May 12, 2011] However, we would like to correct a commonly-held misconception that appeared in the announcement.

The write-up was correct that members used to work for discounts on food. Back then, TRM was considered to be a "mutual benefit corporation" where one joined by paying dues of $25 per year. Today, TRM is an authentic cooperative owned by 2,827 East Tennesseans who have invested by purchasing shares, $25 at a time. As member/owners, shareholders receive discounts and share profits generated by the store, but anyone is welcome to stop by and take advantage of the wide variety of local, organic, and natural foods that TRM offers. Over the years, we have developed the business acumen and community support to be able to expand into a new store, where we will continue to provide the community with quality food at competitive prices.

Thanks to Metro Pulse and to the members of the community who voted for us!

Kim Davis

Board member, Three Rivers Market